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Karen Young

Karen Young

It’s been four years since the remodel of our kitchen and bathrooms, and I wanted to write and tell you how much we are loving it! We constantly receive compliments from our friends and neighbors. I really appreciated the consultation Creative Elements provided in choosing the design, fixtures, and finishing touches. I always felt my project was a top priority. I’m looking forward to working with you on our next one!
Sharon & Mark Weaver

Sharon & Mark Weaver

We’re so happy with the renovations by Creative Elements of both our master bath and kitchen. Lucie and all her contractors were always on time and so easy to work with! She has dedicated crews that work together well and exhibit excellent workmanship! We highly recommend! – Sharon & Mark Weaver
Sharon & Rick Rasmussen

Sharon & Rick Rasmussen

We first learned about Creative Elements by Lucie from a friend who recently had her kitchen and family room remodeled.  We were very impressed with their results, and decided to reach out for a consultation.  Our goal was to remodel our kitchen, main bathroom, and new flooring.  We scheduled an appointment with Lucie and her team.  We had also scheduled an appointment with another vendor.

During this process it became clear to us that Lucie’s company not only had vast experience but also went out of their way to listen to what we wanted.  This became a collaboration of ideas and decisions as to the direction we would be taking with Creative Elements.  Lucie’s efforts to ensure we were getting what we wanted along with the details provided gave us confidence, we would get what we paid for.  We decided to move forward with a renovation of the Kitchen, Dining Room, Game Room Bar, Laundry room and new flooring/carpet throughout the house.  As an example, Lucie recommended a kitchen reconfiguration which optimized the layout while reducing the cost of construction as much as possible.  Quotes were provided in a timely manner with all the details of cost and time included.  At the end of the day this is the plan that was executed successfully later on.

The duration of the renovation took around 4 months.  While this was a large renovation, we decided to stay in this location during the process and coexist with the workers.  During this timeframe there was a project manager to communicate timelines and provide a single point of contact for many items and questions.  Every representative of Creative Elements was professional, polite, and easy to deal with.

The end results to us were phenomenal and we are thoroughly pleased with all phases of this effort and will use her for future projects.

Jennifer Patrick

Jennifer Patrick

We had been dreaming and planning for a new kitchen for several years.  We had outdated tile flooring in the kitchen and several adjacent rooms so redoing the kitchen meant redoing other rooms also.  By looking at magazines and Pinterest, I knew what I liked and didn’t like, but since our kitchen is centrally located in our house, I wanted to make sure everything flowed together, and the new space looked like it had always been there.  Lucie and the Creative Elements team came in with ideas we had never even considered and presented us with a design that really fit with the way we live.  We lived here through construction and the subcontractors were true craftsmen in their respective trades.  All projects have a few hiccups, but the Creative Elements team always communicated and presented solutions promptly.  We have been living in our new space for over 6 months and still look around our new space and love everything about it!

“Creative Elements and Lucie and her team did an outstanding job. Forget what you’ve heard about contractor and remodel nightmares. This company proves that remodeling can be a pleasant experience. All of the subcontractors were pleasant to work with, cleaned up after themselves and treated my home as it if were their own. The big plus, this job was finished on schedule and everyone showed up when they said they would or I was notified. I’m using Creative Elements for more work in my home.”

“Lucie and team are the BEST contractors I’ve ever worked with. Lucie is truly a gem… she’s always on time, over-communicative, effortlessly handles any changes in schedule, and does her best to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when your house is being renovated. The skilled workers she employs are fantastic. They go above and beyond the work, are very friendly, and make sure it’s done right even if it takes a little longer. I could not speak more highly of Lucie and team! I would hire them over and over again for anything.”

“It was good. I met with them and I got a price but it was too high for what I wanted done. They were perfectly professional and I have nothing bad to say about them at all.”

Every contractor we contacted tried to sell us strictly based on price.  Never did the discussions concern quality, design, what I wanted, or what I was trying to accomplish.  It was strictly price.  Which when it is all said and done, I want my home to be a thing of beauty, not a cut-rate, slap-together cheap job.

When I reached out to Creative Elements and Lucie Hasek, I knew almost immediately that this was the contractor I was going to use.  She arrived at the house early, which amazed me since every other contract was late with excuses.  The second she walked into the house, I could see her mind working, filing through ideas, inspecting the cabinets, fixtures, and paint, and measuring lines of the rooms.  All of this before she even fully knew what we wanted.

Lucie was an incredible resource for ideas and concepts that we had never considered.  She took the original idea and turned it into something magical and still within our budget.  Both before and during the entire project she was very conscious of our budget, the time the project would take to complete, and my hectic schedule.

Creative Elements was the only contractor to offer ideas and suggestions and Lucie?s knowledge of construction and remodeling is unmatched.  None of the other contractors I dealt with offered any suggestions or ideas, they simply took a rough outline and then shot us a price.  Lucie and her staff were more like design consultants and then took much care and effort into formulating the costs and pricing to best match the budget.  When I said, ?I want to do this.? She would respond with, ?Well that would be this price and might be a bit out of the budget, how about if we do this, and it will be this price and provide a similar concept and appearance within the budget.?  We had many of these types of conversations.  She made me feel at ease and by the time the project ended, I was looking for other projects around the house simply because I completely trust her vision, ideas, and implementation process.

Lucie and her staff were efficient, courteous, and clean and took great care while in my home.  Her eye for detail, color and design is incredible.  I know firsthand why her Angie?s List rating has been a strong A for the past five years.  I highly recommend Lucie and Creative Elements for your Elegant Home remodeling project.

“We had chosen Creative Elements to remodel our guest bathroom because they  had remodeled  our master bathroom and our kitchen.  Both were total gut jobs.  Because of the professional and absolutely beautiful work that was done on those rooms we knew without a doubt that  we wanted Lucie?s  team to redo our guest bathroom.

Our guest bath was totally gutted, with a wall being removed.  Termite damaged studs were replaced.  Popcorn ceiling was removed and walls retextured and painted.  Lucie and Jennifer  had to do a lot of handing holding  which they did cheerfully.  They helped us to pick out the granite, tub, tile, cabinet hardware, paint color and helped us to design the vanity and linen cabinet.   Every contractor on Lucie?s team is amazing.  They are very patient and  responsive to any changes  we wanted to make. The contractors made sure to clean up the space before they went home for the evening.  Jennifer did a wonderful  job of  letting us know the day and time a  contractor would be at the house and would notify us if there was a change in plans.  I am pretty much a perfectionist and appreciated the very high standards of the Creative Elements’ team.

I had a vision of how I wanted the bathroom to look.  By time Creative Elements was done, the bathroom was even better than I had imagined.  The  end result is an beautiful and amazing bathroom!    We will definitely be using them for our family room remodel.”

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